I love capturing families at all stages - from newly engaged to the birth of the first child and beyond. My favorite images are the ones that happen just after the “pose” – when a child dissolves into precious giggles, an expectant mother tenderly gazes down towards her unborn child, or when the groom whispers lovingly into his bride-to-be’s ear. It’s in those stolen moments where the true emotion and connection lies, and I strive to capture them for you to hold on to forever.

x0- Kate


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You can reach out either via my contact form, or by sending me an email. Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, and why you are looking to have a session. It's also helpful if you can let me know what date you were hoping to have your session on. I typically respond within 24 hours (usually sooner!) to let you know if I'm available on your date. From there we can schedule a call to chat about your session and answer your questions.


I have many different locations up my sleeve to help make your dream session a reality! I'm also always up for finding new locations, so if you have a particular place in mind, let's go for it! Make sure to think about your overall vision for the session, colors, and level of formality. A casual beach session might not look right framed in a formal dining room, but would look perfect in a light airy living room!


Once we book your session I will send over my extensive Style Guide. It will help you plan and prep for a pinterest worthy session! Make sure to keep comfort in mind when picking your outfits! Also, while heels make your legs look long and lean, bring a pair of flats for walking to and from the location. Guys - take that cell phone and wallet out of your pocket for the session! I promise you'll thank me later!

The SEssion

On the date of your session, my goal is for you to be as relaxed as possible! We'll take some time to get to know each other before we jump into photographing. I'll guide you into poses that will let you interact with each other and really have some fun. Tickle fight? Bubbles? Picnics? Nothing is off limits! Let's capture and celebrate your family as you are right now!


It takes about 2-3 weeks for me to edit and deliver your gallery. Your images will be in an online, password protected gallery. You are able to share with friends and family, and download your images as many times as you'd like! I HIGHLY recommend downloading your images and backing them up to at least 2 separate locations.

Will Rogers State Park

location inspiration

Will Rogers State Park is an amazing location for your session. With trails, fields, a gorgeous house, and a beautiful barn, you'll have a wide variety of looks to choose from. Parking is easy, and this location is dog friendly!

El Matador Beach

location inspiration

This location features stunning rock formations, caves, and tide pools. The light here in the evenings is soft, glowy, and magical. Make sure to plan your session for low tide - the beach almost disappears during high tide.

Pacific Palisades Park

location inspiration

Pacific Palisades Park is the perfect backdrop for your session. It offers palm trees, sandy walkways, manicured grass, and a rose garden. It is meticulously landscaped, steps from the beach, and dog friendly!


Planning your outfits for a pinterest worthy session


When choosing colors for your outfits, I recommend selecting softer, lighter tones and more muted shades. The camera loves shades of soft pink and muted blues, mixed with sophisticated light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown and white. That softer color palette fits beautifully into almost all natural outdoor environments, and especially complements the beach.

For the Littles

If you have multiple children, don’t feel like you need to put them all in the same type of outfit. For example, one of your daughters could wear a dress and flats, while the other wears a skirt and boots.  Mixing up the wardrobe pieces will bring a great visual interest to the photos. 


I've put together a few different Pinterest boards with inspiration for your session. Whether you're hoping to have a casual beach session, and at home session, or a more formal session, there should be plenty to inspire you!




After your session, I go through all of the images I captured during our time together. I remove all of the images that are out of focus, or where someone blinked. I also removed multiples of the same image. I then edit what is left and deliver them to you. On average I deliver 40-50 images, with galleries ranging from 30-70. I truly believe that you should have all of your memories!


This typically isn't a problem here in Los Angeles, but if I've learned anything in life, it's "never say never"! I keep an eye on the weather in the week leading up to your session. If I feel like the weather won't be conducive to a comfortable session, I am happy to reschedule for another date.

I'd love to schedule a call with you to hear more about what you envision for your session. We can chat everything from wardrobe, to locations, to any concerns you may have about being in front of the camera. I want you walking into your session confident, relaxed, and ready to make some memories!


let's chat about your dream session!